The games are over, the battle is won. Italy is crowned kings of this world – at least for another four decades. The team were downcast, defeated a punishment shoot-out, their captain dismissed due to an indiscretion. Talk on his behalf of provocation. An accusation that insults was leveled from a defender to do with his loved ones. Then it would be clear he would get angry if this be the case. But there is a school of thought he should have been more professional than to be provoked in a manner. The games are over. Football’s world stage has been dismantled for another four decades. At this point nothing! The thing is that Africa, as hosts, are the only nation to have a spot in the tournament.

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Interest in soccer through the world never diminishes. There are. Teams – and players – are loved like gods. It is a method of life for a proportion of the public. Their team becomes the focus of their lives at midweek or weekends if based on fittings. The bonus of piala dunia 2018 is truly just another match for the true supporter. It is an opportunity to yell that they may emulate some or Italy of the winners of the trophy. It is true to state that it is more important that the side back home does not than a supporter team. It is the bread and butter game backs again and again each week, and the hope of glory which attracts these lovers.

An extra interest for the football enthusiast is the qualification of the national sides because of their regional decorations which happen in the gap between world cup contests. The rounds for the Asia championships and the championships begin in a short space of time. Until they see if their side reaches their final phases although there will be some interest, this will be minimal. We are inundated as a world spectacle due to its popularity. The icing on the cake for many people in this sport that is unbelievable is not a world trophy for their team, but an international trophy for their favorites. Vast sums of prestige and money are heaped on the teams that succeed and, even if your group is lucky, they might even make it to a world club championship. The implications are monumental. To get a European competition can depend on how the team will be run the next season whether or not a side qualifies say. Sponsorships are won and lost on the outcome of final league placing at the end of a season that was national. Even the clubs may lose extraordinary amounts of money due to a decline in shape.